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10 Dark Love Poems – My Grave

1. Skinny Legs

Skinny Legs 10 Dark Love Poems
10 Dark Love Poems

I wait for your skinny legs
to head towards my grave again…
– Alive In Coffin

2. Blood

Blood - 10 Dark Love Poems
Blood – 10 Dark Poems

Once who taste blood
will never be satisfied with water
– Alive In Coffin

3. The Wind – 10 Dark Love Poems

The Wind - 10 Dark Love Poem
The Wind – 10 Gothic Romance Poems

She kept her door open at night
to get stolen by the wind coming
across the graveyard
– Alive In Coffin

4. My Grave – Gothic Romance Poems

My Grave 10 Dark Love Poems
My Grave – Gothic Poem

I still have the broom
she forgot near my grave
on the day of my funeral…
– Alive In Coffin

5. The Light

The Light - 10 Dark Love Poems
The Light – Dark Poem

Use your weakness like
humans use darkness
to figure out the light…
– Alive In Coffin

6. Never Say – Gothic Romance Poems

Never Say - 10 Dark Love Poems
Never Say

Humans brain is weirdly engineered
to never say no…
– Alive In Coffin

7. Stay Alive

Stay Alive - 10 Dark Love Poems
Stay Alive – Dark Poem

Do everything to stay alive
and stop killing your dreams…
– Alive In Coffin

8. Wake-up

Wakeup - 10 Dark Love Poems
Wake-up – 10 Dark Love Poems

What matter the most is
to which dream you wake-up
– Alive In Coffin

9. Empty Beach

Empty Beach - 10 Dark Love Poems
Empty Beach – 10 Dark Love Poems

Beaches are empty
and all the lovers
are upon graveyard…
– Alive In Coffin

10. For You

For You - 10 Dark Love Poems
For You – 10 Dark Love Poems

I have sought a thing for you
but I can not describe it…
– Alive In Coffin

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  1. To a friend alive in coffin
    I never knew gothic and dark thoughts can be engineered this way….Well played. Hope you have a bright day in the graveyard of thoughts. ✌

          1. HAHAH you wish. The same petite drill cuts the hardest material on human body aka enamel. Not so bad for a petite drill. AWWW first you have to to get out alive 🙂

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