1. Under Shower

Under Shower - Sad Love Poems
Under Shower – Sad Love Poems

Spend hours under a shower
to get rid of your touch off my skin
– Alive In Coffin

2. Every Night

Every Night - Sad Love Poems
Every Night

Every night I sit on the edge of the window to jump off
but I always ended up hoping you will come back…
– Alive In Coffin

3. Cheat

Cheat - Sad Love Poems
Cheat – Sad Love Poems

I did not
life cheated
you did not situations
made you doubt me
I did not and you did not
we broke us apart…
– Alive In Coffin

4. Bed

Bed - Sad Love Poems

Some nights I hate the comfort
bed gives me
I hate everything without you…
– Alive In Coffin

5. Sketch

Sketch - Sad Love Poems
Sketch – Sad Love Poems

She forgot to sketch even the outline
behind tears and wait…
– Alive In Coffin

6. Deaf To Me

Deaf To Me - Sad Love Poems
Deaf To Me

I yell every day without taking a break
that I forgot you have become deaf to me…
– Alive In Coffin

7. Can I

Can I - Sad Love Poems
Can I – Sad Love Poems

Weak bones
dark circles
depressing nature
can I ask you
what have you made me…
– Alive In Coffin

8. Absence

Absence - Sad Love Poems

Dear death
embraces me before I see him
cuddling my absence
– Alive In Coffin

9. Beg For You

Beg For You - Sad Love Poems
Beg For You – Sad Love Poems

Hold me for once and say I am wrong
take me back because I do not know
how to beg for you…
– Alive In Coffin

10. Broken Heart

Broken Heart - Sad Love Poems
Broken Heart – Sad Love Poems

Will my broken heart poem be enough for you
to confess your mistakes
which killed me and gifted loneliness
– Alive In Coffin

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  1. Heart touched feeling quotes. Hope the writer isn’t the one who’s living in these quotes.

  2. You are good in expressing a lot in less words. Very few people have this quality.

        1. Few can wait till it gets cooked… πŸ₯‚

          You’ve a beautiful list of menu…

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