Pain Or Past

Poems are always known to touch the soul with words. Short poems are similar when it comes to touch your soul and make it more relatable. As today most of us use texting in short for communication, and that makes short poems more relatable. Read these 33 short poems and feel the pain these words carry for you.

Sad Poems That Will Make You Cry

I know that you are not happy
with what is happening around us now…

You could ask anything
but you choose to ask for this separation…

Whatever happened was not in my dream
nor it was your dream
I am aware of that truth…

Sun who used to stalk you
from the window
Now he even bothers
to say a ‘hi’…

What caused you this pain is us
not just me…

Wish I could undo all that
happened between us…

Sad Poems That Will Make You Cry

I am still trying to figure out
what made you end this…

Years have been passed
but still
wait for your comeback…

How is it possible
that you are still living
a life without me?

You never tried to hear
the voice of my heart…

Sad poems that will make you cry

Even today it feels like
you will come back…

What else can I pray for
you-me and us…

My imaginations are wrong
and I should run censorship over it…

Do you still love me
the way it was meant to be?

Just try to make it more complicated
because I forgot what’s called normal…

You love me and I love you
then why are we here like this?

I tried to reach you
zillion of times in my dream
wish you would
let me do that in real…

I am keeping my words simple
just to make you feel it in real…

All those ups and downs
in life are okay for me
but I can not see
a fraction of change in us…

Do you think I hate you?
Not more than my love for you…

Yes it is so sad for me
to go on like this…

You smelled so good
and I miss it
with a topping of your smile on it…

Do my words make you cry?
don’t drop it on my words
because they are already wet with my tears

Say me
you still need me
the way they say in the movies…

Close your eyes and imagine
I know you won’t dare to…

Sometimes you make me speechless
and I dive into the pool of silence…

You lost so much
more than you ever earned…

I know you want me
to stop writing all this right now
I want to know how you can?

I know there is no comeback
but I am used to dreaming it…

Can you feel my tears
while reading this?

I end up crying in the first line so
I never dared to write the second line…

You made me a writer
and those tiny pieces
which I have not named yet…

What is your name?
Pain or Past?

Let this pen rest with tears for some other post, as I finish the list of 33 sad poems that will make you cry.

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  1. Such a heart breaking and emotional poem. Powerful words and so well written 👌👌

    1. I admire those who understand the pain behind the simple words we use in day to day life.

      Just gave a try with little seo tweak away from my normal posting pattern…

      1. You made it worth the read. So well formed and very relatable.

        Hahha you mastered it 😊

        1. I’ll swallow this sweet compliment without water… Thank You… Drop your link I’ll check out your site too…

          1. Your welcome.I always enjoy reading emotional poems. I connect with them.

            Haha you are kind. Do check it out when you get time.. I would to know your feedback. I am no master but I am learning

    1. Such replies really means a lot… Thank You for reading and spending time upon the tomb of feelings…

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