A Life In My Womb

A soul inside the soul
a life inside life
you left a part of us inside me
how am I going to hold her
raise her to feed her all alone
and call her your daughter
how am I going to reply to her
when she asks about you
a monster who left us
in the bush of life
a coward who was not strong
enough to clear my doubts
face the ups and downs
of the relationship
how am I going to
explain the pain
you left for a tiny soul
who has born in my womb…

– Alive In Coffin

Alive In Coffin

I am a guy breathing in a coffin made up of flesh, bones and blood. Back in my twitter days, I used to write in 140 characters and that passion motivated me to write short poems. I get crazy when thoughts knock my skull. Currently, I am writing from my grave and in my free time, I try to control my heartbeats.

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  1. Rani

    Touched !!

  2. Mona Guha

    Heart breaking…

    1. Alive In Coffin

      Thank You, Mona
      Sad but Life happens to be like this, for some angels…

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