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The Moment She Left

Feelings wrapped in one line

There are some moments in life where we don’t seek any kind of explanation. We just get stuck at the moment and our mind keeps repeating the words which don’t have any kind of poetic garnishing in it. Those simple words change life in unexpected ways and this book is all about such words which we are afraid to hear or has heard and it remained in us forever…

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Aphotic Zone

Everyone enters into Aphotic Zone once in life, and it leaves the most fearful experience of love and relationship. One can never run away from this zone, they have to fall in it and feel that pain. Some of us just can’t ever get out of their loss and remain in this zone forever. One can say move on but it isn’t that easy for the people who loved beyond words. One can say they are the fool who stay in Aphotic Zone but eventually, they’re unaware that every human being is part of this zone. This book contains such monostich poems which will give a glimpse about how it feels to be in Aphotic Zone. Hope you will enjoy these pieces of feeling.

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