Have you ever got an impulse that something isn’t right in your relationship? You may not know why? However; without trust, you are living with a question. Can a relationship work without trust?

Can A Relationship Work Without Trust?
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Trust is the main ingredient of any relationship, without trust no relationship last longer. Lack of trust translates into lie and envy, until one day; it shakes and fails.

There is no merit in explaining why, when, where, whom and how to a partner; who lacks trust upon you. If it is you, who lack trust upon your partner? It means you do not feel secure about your partner, will they love you?

After all, trust means, rely on our partner and be confide in their decision, which will make you feel safe in their arms.

Trust can be regained with mutual understanding and healthy conversations but without trust, there is no relationship. Do not forget to keep your patience, in this hard process.

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