Dreams And Heaven Philosophical Poem
Philosophical Poem

Dreams And Heaven

I like light people
who don’t carry much luggage
those who only have dreams and heavens
those who walk and it looks
like they are flying
those who have space
in their hands and
never get tired of hugging
– Alive In Coffin

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  1. Hahah quite the thought… Everyone wants to have a no baggage. Well written

        1. EXPECTATION what a beautiful word, exploration of space to the dawn of Nazi to break up of lovers… Such a thoughtful word…

  2. Your writings are too heavy for me n am so confused what to comment n how? Because you are knitting your beautiful words touching every reader’s heart. So awesom n lovely. Consider this for each of your Poems to reply all separately at a time yah I mentioned it’s heavy for me n am lazy too 🥰🤗❣

    1. Hey Suma that’s ok. I can understand the confusion between earth and mars… So I’ll take all those compliments in one go…

      But this doesn’t mean you’ll stop visiting my garden…

  3. Dear Poet, how can I stop visiting the beautiful garden? Of course I will n admire your words of flowers. I won’t even stop complimenting… 🙂

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