Trusting a partner is not necessarily easy. When we meet someone and agree to become romantically involved with that person, we often carry our insecurities and personal experiences, and we encounter complications when it comes to giving ourselves completely and learning to trust in relationship.

This is normal, but not for that reason it should become part of our daily lives. There are simple actions that we can take in our relationships to build trust and thus help others to feel comfortable:

1. Watch the words you use with your partner. Make sure they are words of love and acceptance.

2. Listen to your partner’s needs and insecurities. You can learn a lot because each person is different and we can always adapt a little to what the other asks to be well.

3. Be clear about the terms you use to define your relationship. If you decide to step in an open relationship, let it be established as such, but if they choose monogamy, the agreement must be respected.

How To Build Trust In Relationship
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4. Do not feel pressured to do something you do not want, but if you decide to start a relationship of monogamy and honesty, try to make your actions consistent with it.

5. Express your doubts and insecurities calmly and with good communication. Doubts can always arise, but if they are spoken, they are solved simply.

6. Try to be an objective as possible with difficulties. Insecurities are often born when we see problems where there are none.

7. Avoid that your actions can be interpreted incorrectly. That famous saying “Don’t do good things that seem bad” has a lot to teach us.

8. Don’t be afraid to include your partner in your life. It is not about spending all your time together, but it is about making the other feel part of your life. For example, you can introduce him to your friends or your family.

9. Recognize when a situation can put your partner’s trust at risk and learn to reject what you know can harm the other. For example, don’t be afraid to turn down a date with someone you are attracted to and who could put your relationship at risk.

10. Learn to distinguish when a relationship is worthwhile and when in reality trust will be too difficult to acquire. We hope this text helps you in that regard. These measures help our partner to gain confidence in us, but they also promote personal fulfilment since they start from honesty and love, two forces that benefit those who exercise them and give them a positive perspective on the world.

Let us know more tips to build trust, and we’ll try to add it in our list.

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