Finally, you have decided to write a poem about yourself which shows your interest in literature. Before we start let me applaud for the courage; you have gathered because people in today’s century tent to hide personal pieces of stuff from the world, and here you have to decide to write about yourself. That needs courage.

Now without wasting any words on hi and bye, let’s start how to write a poem about yourself?

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Phase of life

You are going to write a poem. So, it is required to decide the length of the poem. You don’t want to turn the mood off of your readers. It has recommended to split the part of moments of your life and write a couple of poems without making a sugar free poetry milkshake. 😉

Life has always filled with ups and downs. It is also full of moments of how you stood up and fight with the odds. What I am trying to light here is to write a poem which gives a motivation or a positive approach towards life from your life poem.

(romantic, sad, depress, painful, grief and all such poems too can be written but for that, you have to make a theme, which we will talk in a few mins.)

It has always considered learning from an experienced teacher and who can be a better teacher than life. What you experienced in your life may be a dark cloud for you, but it might be a crack course of moments for your readers.

Now that your thoughts are clear, on which part of life you want to pen down. Let us move towards noting down the moments.


Yes, you heard it right. Homework is going to play an important role in this series of the poem about your life, as you have many moments which can be helpful for others if you share them through your poem. Start your homework by reading a few related poem/poetry and noting down the moments of your life which you want to publish.

How to write poem about life
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Theme for series of poem

Now that you have geared up your suit and ready to be transported to Mars by Elon Musk. Focus upon the theme you want for the series of the poem about your life. The theme can stand alone on motivation, or you can make a theme which starts from motivation poems, and then it moves to some painful moments with tons of tear and then a sunrise of romance or hope.

Theme is necessary if you want to engage your readers and don’t forget there are humans, who still believe in flat earth myth. Ok, let us move with our topic and discuss poem outline.

Time to write

It’s recommended by NASA scientist to recheck all scenarios before taking off. Once you are ready; it is time to write and do not hesitate to write, which you think might not be appropriate.

Fill pages, rectify them, recheck them, add more words, remove lines, add new lines and once everything is complete. Read it a couple of times, and if you feel some change is required, then do it. As your life will be on display through those mixtures of words.


Take up your poem and publish it on your social media, before that do let me know about how mars look like in my comment section.

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