Short poems can carry special moments with straight forward or a complicated set of words. Poets generally spend more time in gathering perfect word. It often comes with 6-8 words but eventually, there is no hard and fast rule for it.

Short poems are known by many names like a micro poem, micro poetry, monostich, verse, haiku and many more, as the list keeps ongoing.

Well, let’s talk about How to write a short poem?


Inspiration is the backbone of a poem. Inspiration is which gives birth to a poem that might come from hot coffee or can come from a crowded bus. If you are willing to write a short poem, then focus on the thought behind your topic.

Let us consider that I want to write a short poem about father and son love. So, now I have a topic, and I need the inspiration to give birth to a beautiful short poem. For this, I will focus my conscious and subconscious mind towards father and son chemistry.

The way the father helps son complete his every goal and set new goals. He gets angry to teach his son. He looks at his son’s happiness before his comfort.

Let’s talk about the rules before we write this short poem.


Literature is all about rules, and it applies to poem too. You might have heard about haiku, sonnet, etc. which all have their own sets of rules. If you want to write one of them, then consider implementing the guideline set by each genre.

Let’s take a moment to thank all those poets who broke the rules and succeed in grabbing the attention of the world.

Will talk about Grammar Nazi some other time.

Here today we are going with the freestyle of short poem.


Now that I explained well enough then you might remember that we have a topic and inspiration to so let us complete this short poem.

Dad’s are hard and soft as coconut…

Let’s see a few more with the same topic and the same inspiration.

Wish I could be as hard as you been with me…

Forgive me for understanding late each of your hustle was for my happiness…

I love when you keep away your hard-shell and teach me with life…

I am not aware of word fear because of you…

There we completed our task to write a short poem, but there is a small secret in each poem, and those secrets are word.


Select a proper word to make your poem unique and yell the feeling out loud, which you want your readers to understand. Words which I focused while writing these short poems are hard, soft, hustle, teach and fear.

The mixture of this ingredient will make a perfect dish of a short poem.


Last but not least, don’t forget to publish it on your social media and get the reviews.

What do you think there should be more ordered for this party let me know in the comment below.

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