My Grief by Navika Kachhwaha

When you are gifted to stay with memories and pain.

The Grief

There are no words in my mind,

to express a heart full of grief

there is no person in the world,

I can share my pain with

but I choose to live;

I choose to live

with my beautifully

terrifying pain.

The pain I want to hold on to,

and grief I want to re-live.

Navika Kachhwaha

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Image credit – Sarah Christine

Alive In Coffin

I am a guy breathing in a coffin made up of flesh, bones and blood. Back in my twitter days, I used to write in 140 characters and that passion motivated me to write short poems. I get crazy when thoughts knock my skull. Currently, I am writing from my grave and in my free time, I try to control my heartbeats.

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