1. Fingers

Fingers - Steamy Poems
Fingers – Steamy Poems

She knows to play
with her fingers and
make him go crazy
with her words…
– Alive In Coffin

2. Distance

Distance - Steamy Poems
Distance – Erotic Poems

Fill me deeper in you
and take out the emptiness
of distance…
– Alive In Coffin

3. The Flow

The Flow - Steamy Poems
The Flow – Steamy Poems

Hug me and melt me
so that I can flow
in your veins
– Alive In Coffin

4. All That

All That - Steamy Poems
All That – Erotic Poems

Your scent and your taste
all that makes me
want you more…
– Alive In Coffin

5. Purple Kiss

Purple Kiss - Steamy Poems
Purple Kiss – Steamy Poems

She wished
to see purple kisses
upon her thighs
– Alive In Coffin

6. Touch

Touch - Steamy Poems
Touch – Erotic Poems

My forever longings
need your touch
– Alive In Coffin

7. Naked Poetry

Naked Poetry - Steamy Poem
Naked Poetry – Steamy Poem

We together
naked on a bed
is an explicit poetry…
– Alive In Coffin

8. Naked Mind

Naked Mind - Steamy Poems
Naked Mind – Steamy Poems

Your naked mind
is my kind of porn…
– Alive In Coffin

9. My Best

My Best - Steamy Poems
My Best – Erotic Poems

I tried my best to behave
but your curves
kept winking at me…
– Alive In Coffin

10. Ink

Ink - Steamy Poems
Ink – Erotic Poems

Because ink is not darker
let my tongue write poetry
upon your skin
– Alive In Coffin

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