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  1. Awesome words. I have a question why do you call your blog alive from a coffin… Very thought provoking

    1. I’m alive in this body (Alive in Coffin) with feelings fallen from each catastrophic event upon my planet called life…

      1. Hahah aren’t we all in the same way. The way answered it says no doubt that you are a fine writer indeed. Well said palπŸ™‚

        1. Once the secrete behind the name is disclosed it’s relatable with little darkness… Compliments are always welcome… Thanks R

          1. Hahha playing with the mystery I see. We all have darkness but that somehow makes who we are. Haha you deserve them. Good day😊

          2. Hahah. The honour and pleasure is all mineπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    2. Exactly, even I found it very thought provoking. These 3 words made me question even myself , and is very relatable.

  2. Beautiful lines.
    And I also wanna say that I really like the name of your blog “alive in coffin” and especially the caption “graveyard of feelings”, because these 6 words apparently are so deep !

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