Robbed by Her – Anxiety Poem

She left and robbed everything he had. The only option was to plead for a request.

Poem about a robbery that happened in his life.

Robbed by Her

Give me back

what was mine

give me back

everything you took

away from me

that soft lips

that messy hair

that curvy smile

that sinner heart

all was mine

give me back

whom we called us…

– Alive In Coffin

Image credit: Dasha Tsukata

Alive In Coffin

I am a guy breathing in a coffin made up of flesh, bones and blood. Back in my twitter days, I used to write in 140 characters and that passion motivated me to write short poems. I get crazy when thoughts knock my skull. Currently, I am writing from my grave and in my free time, I try to control my heartbeats.

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