The Last Nail

We work in the same office
her desk opposite to mine
with a twelve-inch tiny partition
above two desks

I can see her messy hair
and beautiful curvy pointed eyebrows
like those days
when we used to be love birds

things got changed in three years
we became friends from lovers
we became two
something we never dream about
unfortunately the world
remained the same around us

I still look at her for hours long
I ask myself
will it work-out
again ever between us
an eternal thought
which I am going to take
in my grave

as she is not going to come back
she is not going to be mine
we are not going to be us again
as that was her condition
before the partition
the last nail in my coffin…

– Alive In Coffin

Alive In Coffin

I am a guy breathing in a coffin made up of flesh, bones and blood. Back in my twitter days, I used to write in 140 characters and that passion motivated me to write short poems. I get crazy when thoughts knock my skull. Currently, I am writing from my grave and in my free time, I try to control my heartbeats.

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  1. Rani

    She was practical may be

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