1. Once Again – Short Poem

Once Again - Poems About Trust
Once Again – Poems About Trust

My heart has
once again convinced me
to trust you…
– Alive In Coffin

2. My Trust – Short Poem

My Trust - Poems About Trust
My Trust – Poems About Trust

Hurt me as much you want
but keep ten steps away
from breaking my trust…
– Alive In Coffin

3. I Am Strong – Short Poem

I Am Strong - Poems About Trust
I Am Strong – Poems About Trust

I am strong as nuclear pasta
and soft as soapstone
unfortunately you have blessed
me with trust issues…
– Alive In Coffin

4. Think Twice – Short Poem

Think Twice - Poems About Trust
Think Twice – Poems About Trust

Trust and possessiveness
two sides of a coin called relationship
think twice before you spend it…
– Alive In Coffin

5. A Termite – Short Poem

A Termite - Poems About Trust
A Termite – Monostich Poem

You have made me a termite
buy feeding me doubts…
– Alive In Coffin

6. The Shore – Monostich Poem

The Shore - Poems About Trust
The Shore – Monostich Poems

The day you will understand
the fear I carry in me
you will jump on the shore
and hug me tight
– Alive In Coffin

7. Scared – Monostich Poem

Scared - Poems About Trust
Scared – Short Poem

Scared about your absence
more than darkness and
bugs around my coffin…
– Alive In Coffin

8. Not Anymore – Trust Love Poems

Not Anymore - Trust Love Poems
Not Anymore – Trust Love Poems

I can trust you
but I can not trust
myself any more…
– Alive In Coffin

9. Your Words – Trust Love Poems

Your Words - Trust Love Poems
Your Words – Trust Love Poems

Just use your words
slit my throat
make me believe
I am wrong…
– Alive In Coffin

10. The Same – Trust Love Poems

The Same - Trust Love Poems
The Same – Trust Love Poems

Ask my eyes
do they still look at you
the same way…
– Alive In Coffin

monostich is a poem which consists of a single line.

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  1. Like the form of poetry: Monostich. A few words to touch the heart but bugs around the coffin are terrifying.

    1. No doubt trust issues are the dangerous bugs around the coffin called relationship…

      Thanks for the read Kritika…

  2. Each one is so deeply touching, it’s hard to pick up a favourite!

    1. How can we pick one out of a thousand feelings going inside us… Thanks for the read Prerna…

  3. I call the Petals. Thye are one line poems. I have two books of these with 1000 poems each. A Thousand Petal Zen Lotus, A Second Thousand Petal Zen Lotus

    1. The most elevated mountain peak never emerges from the ocean.
    2. When light is perceived to penetrate darkness – the mind turns over.
    3. When darkness is perceived to envelop the light – the mind is lost.
    4. The black and white Magpie sings a soundless color.
    5. The black and white Orca is blind.
    6. The black and white zebra disappears when mating.
    7. When light and dark cannot be distinguished – one eye opens.
    8. Within one poetic verse – a thousand reside.
    9. Within a thousand poetic verses – nothing resides.
    10. Perceiving death – no one dies.
    11. Deeply mired in the thick mud – the elephant sees forever.
    12. Flowers manifest from the earth when Spring does not come.
    13. The yellow bird flies from the branch vanishing into thin air.
    14. Death is only a metaphor but our bodies die just the same.
    15. Climbing up the mountain – she goes nowhere.
    16. Swimming across the lake – he vanishes.
    17. Climbing stairs with unmoved feet.
    18. The clock marks time but the water never boils.
    19. I see with eyes that cannot hear.
    20. I return to the womb as I am birthed.
    21. The dog is a four-legged rock.
    22. The mind reverses polarity and pain becomes pleasure.
    23. The shade of the great tree heats the ground.
    24. In absolute stillness – the river flows into the sea.
    25. Eating fish – he became deaf.
    26. I hook a fish – I land the ocean.
    27. A thousand questions – not one truthful answer.
    28. The venerated old man was stupid only when he tried to speak.
    29. When he opened his eyes – he no longer saw.
    30. Thinking is the harbinger of death.
    31. In birth – only death.
    32. Clear light – dark night.
    33. In terror – find peace.
    34. In the crowd – she is clearly alone.
    35. On his individual path he followed everyone.
    36. The untrained mind remains clear within chaos.
    37. The old heron grows fat in the dried lake bed.
    38. The cloudless sky blocks the sun.
    39. The light of a thousand candles manifests darkness.
    40. Religion is the unforgiving taskmaster of humanity.
    41. Simplicity is perfect complexity.
    42. Always is never.
    43. There is no change in change.
    44. The color red is the sound of a stringless harp.
    45. Mounting the ass she vanished.
    46. Mounting her ass – they blissed out.
    47. The bee sings the honey.

    17. Unmet friends move toward
    you in passing


    18. Homemade cookies and soy
    milk tastes best on waking
    at 2 A.M.

    19. The million years old petrified
    wood rests its tension on
    my antique wooden
    saloon table where
    I write


    20. Before I could read the
    poem I loved – I had to
    write it down

    21. No one knew what Jesus
    was talking about and
    the ones that did
    tried to live it in failure

    22. If you meet an acknowledged
    wiseman on the road
    trip him to see if he
    gets up

    23. The twins acknowledged
    each other as father
    and son, exchanging

    25. Alone with God I refuse
    the liars offering
    friendship with no

    26. I eat the candy of the
    earth as I ignore the
    light going dark
    in my dreamscape

    27. The piss of an evil pen
    emerges black as it
    spills and stains the
    white lined wood

    28. Starving in a crowded
    garden I sit down on
    a large rock and
    bring out my
    hidden nourishment

    29.Without remembering my God
    I cannot vanquish intense
    thoughts of rage

    30. The tricky God spreads
    eternal love


    31. The familiar notebook
    I keep open until it is
    without a blank page
    then I sadly
    close it

    32. Poetry is only art when
    slowly cusory written


    33. The great wisdom I wrote
    was illegible when I
    tried to read it later

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