People with short term relationships often get frustrated, as they fail to understand the reason why their relationship did not work, for those who have been together for years also suffer the ravages of routine and boredom. we all constantly hear about tips to regain passion in a relationship, improve communication, and even feel more attractive to meet a ‘special’ person.

However, all our efforts aren’t always successful which leaves us to think that it’s difficult to maintain a stable and lasting relationship.

Building a healthy relationship has more to do with efforts than a good fortune. Here are seven tips that may help you make a valuable relationship and enrich a passage in your life.

What makes a good relationship
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Trusting is mantra

Trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Without it, you will spend all your time worrying about what your partner says or does. It helps us feel comfortable with each other and be able to share our lives, goals, and fears. The reason why it is essential to trust one another, understand and believe that both seek the same love and accompany each other.

Communicate more

Communication is a process in which each party express their wants in words. Simultaneously, both people open their mind and heart to listen to what the other has or want to say.

When that level of communication is achieved, you enter the realm of intimacy between two human beings. Nor is it something that is achieved overnight. It takes a lot of efforts, but the result makes up for it all.

What makes a good relationship
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Tolerate him/her

Relationships may not have happy moments all the time. As we are human beings and many things are there around which can affect us ending up with occasional bad days hence tolerance is the key for a good relationship.

Knowing how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, makes you understand, what is happening to you and what you feel and avoid meaningless fights, are a way to keep the relationship healthy.

We all have a bad day and instead of making it worse, try to make it better.

Accept your lover (partner)

Communication is important, however, it’s meaningless if we have it with the one we don’t have respect for, we all have flaws and virtues and hence nobody is perfect.

Certain things about your partner may be annoying to you, which is normal hence try to deal with it. We all have positive and negative qualities. Instead of recriminating our partner, assume that they are different and behave differently.

Accepting the other will help you put the little problems behind and focus on the important things in a relationship.

Sexting helps

Yes, maintaining regular and honest communication with your partner is a fundamental part for it to work, but what if they tell you that what you have to talk about is sex?

According to research carried out at Drexel University, people who practice ‘sexting’. Sensual conversations through mobile devices in which they send suggestive or explicit photos are more sexually satisfied with their partners than those who do not.

The study authors, experts in psychology, found that there is a “strong relationship” between ‘ sexting ‘ and the level of happiness. Good news considering that 82% of the participants claimed to have started practising it.

Sex 1/7

In case there is a doubt if we should have sex regularly, a study published in the journal ‘Social Psychological and Personality Science’ will convince you: couples who have sex once a week was happier.

As they explained in the presentation of the study, doing it more frequently does not alter the increase in levels of happiness, a weekly meeting is enough.

What makes a good relationship
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Keep grudges away

If something has bothered you, talk about it and explain why. It will calm you and ensure of not happening again, hence the next time you are looking forward and he/she asks you ‘if something is wrong’, stop denying the major and be honest. It’s the only way to clear things up and prevent it
from happening again. Love must be present in every relationship, it is what drives us to be better and lead a happy healthy relationship.

However, it is not the only thing that is enough for a successful relationship. Every couple needs to be aware, that it takes efforts and they must work hard for it so that they can enjoy an everlasting relationship.

Do you agree with this list? Comment and let me know more about your key strategy of a successful relationship.

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