Collection of 15 passionate, powerful, seductive, sensual, romantic and intense poems for her. It directly falls in the category of erotic poems or widely searched as steamy poems for her.

Your Hips 15 Intense Poems For Her
Your Hips 15 Intense Poems For Her

I forgot about my anger
when I felt myself in you
moment your legs locked me
and pulled me in you…

Life around your hips
happiness around your neck
wonderland between your legs
it’s enough to survive upon your bed

My fingers need
your permission
to touch the moon
to touch the petals
and make the clouds rain…

Loving you little longer
loving you little deeper
loving you little harder
moan louder my dear lover
it is going to be in memories forever…

Pillow miss your hips
sheet miss your grab
bed miss your swings
room miss your moans
I miss your nails deep in my skin
Let me write this poem
before you ride upon me…

Poems For Her

I touched my heart
under the cold shower
and realised the absence
of my heartbeats
I ran and kissed her
till those lips blew life in me…

F**king is easy
loving is difficult
expecting is easy
trusting is difficult
stay in my arms
I will make everything
possible tonight…

Sipping wine
and thinking about you
is like touching your lips
and thinking about a kiss…

I will keep you by my side
until you want to stay
orders will be mine
rules will be yours
make sure when you leave
keep the keys with you
doors will remain open
for you from inside…

Holding you and walking
on a seashore is my dream
just bend a little so I can
f**k you under the moonlight
and make moon jealous of my love…

Intense Poems For Her

I know you wonder
why I kiss each time
when you smile at me
dear BlackRose
it’s your dimple
who invite me to kiss you…

Wrapped in
red velvet dress
with a high bun
but it all makes sense
when I pull the long
velvet ribbon…

Your icy skin
go against
the law of
physics and
melt my purple kisses…

You burn
the life of
my patience
with your
sensual smile…

I love the moment
when you close your eyes
and permit the devil in me
to eat you up and
I lick that trust…

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